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(=^O  wO^=) miao


I got mad because I didn't know it wasn't in English.  BUT, I liked the concept of this game AND it was super fun to edit! Keep on doing what you're doing!!

Hey thanks for the feedback! :P It was realky funny to watch you play! We should have made it clearer that it was in french hahaha! The team was bilingual and the game being made in jam in 46, we went a bit all over the place.  Also we mostly tested it with the Xbox controller and forgot to remove are debug key "A"  on the keyboard to switch from the maze game to the trivia one. So I think you hit it and switch to the trivia mode way before it should XD. Of course this our fault hahaha!

LOL Yeah someone on my channel informed me that it is NOT in Spanish hahahaha.  I couldn't stop laughing.  But now that you've told me a little about the mechanics, I'll have to try to beat it again haha because I DID pick up on some of the words.